01. The Park and Garden … Sigurtà in VERONA & Valegio sul Mincio… in MANTOVA

The Sigurtà Park and Gardens.. covers an area of 600,000 square meters and extends to the edges of the morainal hills close to Lake Garda, lying just eight kilometers south of Peschiera(VERONA). It started off as the “walled ‘brolo’” (1617), the gardens of Villa Maffei (by Pellesina, a pupil of Palladio), a villa that in 1859 was the headquarters of Napoleone III. Over forty years of loving care, Carlo Sigurtà the owner, took advantage of the water-drawing rights from the river Mincio to achieve the “prodigious” feat of turning an arid hill into a flourishing green garden. Subsequently, his grandson Enzo established the essential features of the Park-Garden. After its opening to the public in 1978, the conservation of ecological complex has been due in great part to its visitors, who have found it to be a unique wonder of the world, such that today the Garden-Park is regarded as one of the most extraordinary of its kind anywhere in the world. It can be visited on a walking tour, with a bicycle, on a golf cart or on a tour with a small mini train ( which I suggest ).

Opening Hours: From 09:00 am to 18:00 – Closes down at 19:00

The avenue of the roses


The Avenue of the Roses is certainly the image which has done most to contribute to the Sigurtà Garden Park being known all around the world. In the spring, along its kilometers length, there bloom more than 30,000 highly selected Queen Elizabeth and Hybrid Polyantha & Floribunda roses. In the distance beyond the avenue rises the majestic Scaliger Castle (tenth to fourteenth century) where the perspective makes it seem an integral part of the garden’s architecture.

Visiting this park…you will discover EDEN. !

The new maze


In the summer of 2011 the Garden’s new attraction, the maze, was opened to the public. Visitors can make their way into the extraordinary labyrinth of hedges made up of 1,500 yew trees (Taxus baccata). The path winds its way among the two-meters e tall evergreens that stretch over a rectangular area of 2,500 square meters. At the centre of the maze rises a tower, inspired by the one in the Bois de Boulogne in Paris, with a copper-roofed dome and two opposing stairways, taking the visitor up to a height of two and a half meters. To ascend the tower is reward for the visitor’s persistence as it affords a fine view of the geometry of the maze and of the other natural attractions of the Garden.

The Romeo and Juliet horizontal sun dial


Designed in 1990 and built by the engineer Dante Tognin, once finished, the Sundial passed a whole series of tests carried out over a three year period, followed by a final inspection by the Astronomical Observatory of Asiago (Vicenza). The Sun Dial is characterized by a symbol in the form of a geometrical figure electronically carved into the dial. The elements that make it up, the circumference, the 64 hyperbolic curves, the 32 points and the circle, are a symbolic and figurative representation of the “Sun as source of life”.

The Castelletto


The Castelletto is a castellated building with neo-Gothic windows built by Marquis Antonio Maffei and was originally used as the “Armoury”. The Sigurtà family has always regarded the building, visible only from the outside, not just as a romantic attraction but very much a place where they can welcome their closest friends and over the years it has acquired the feel of a treasure chest in which are gathered together the memories of the whole history of the garden. Last century, the Castelletto held round table meetings of some of the most noted names in the world of science and literature. The plaque on the facade records the names of famous scientists and Nobel prize-winners that have been here as Sigurtà guests, including Gerhard Domagk, Alexander Fleming, Selman Abraham Walksman, Albert Bruce Flaming and Konrad Zacharias Lorenz.

There is still lots more to be seen in this beautiful park, but we want to leave some surprises..

  • the hermitage
  • the water gardens
  • the medicinal herbs garden
  • the stone of eternal youth
  • the surreally shaped box trees
  • the great oak
  • the tà farm

Price 2014

Group rates for minimum 25 paying guests


Transfer to the Park from Hotel (to be quoted according to place of departure and passengers)
Entrance fee including the guided tour Euro 13,00 p person
Entrance fee including guided tour boys and girls age 4-14 Euro 9,00 p person
Bike Hire – price per person on request
Ride around the park with the mini-train – price per person on request
Small groups and Individuals on request


Another 9 km…. and you will reach … Valeggio sul Mincio……… Not very far away from The Sigurtà park…..


The ford across the Mincio was the safest and best-located on the south part of Lake Garda, and over the centuries the river was a natural barrier between the lands of Mantua and Verona, in a border area desired so much by the “ Signorie “ and Army lusting for power, like the Gonzaga, the Scaligeri, the Visconti, the Venetian Republic, Austria, and France.

Borghetto is just a handful of houses, an ancient village of mills in complete symbiosis with its river. A river idyll, with the three ancient mills that seem to rise out of the water.

The most beautiful thing it offers its visitors is a wide, enchanting, natural landscape: the waters of the river flow lazily and silently around bends and through cane thickets, where many species of bird come to nest, including swans; but they also rush and tumble over small cascades, providing background music to the people’s talk, gathered and protected by the imposing fortifications of the Ponte Visconteo.

Local dishes

The famous tortellini of Valeggio, delicious in broth and heavenly with melted butter; these are made strictly by hand and can be purchased at many pasta shops in Valeggio and Borghetto. Here tortellini are called “nodo d’amore” (love knot) because they look like the knot of a silk handkerchief tied by two lovers before they threw themselves into the Mincio. The river provides the main courses: pike with sauce, trout and eel prepared in a variety of ways, accompanied by the DOC wines from the area, Bianco di Custoza and Bardolino.

Nodo Dell`Amore -festa del tortellino


The “Tortellini di Valeggio” are such a refined specialty One can taste different kinds of stuffed Tortellini (with pumpkin, artichokes, celery of Verona, ricotta and spinaches, …), mixed boiled meat with the sauce “pearàda” (a Veronese specialty), pot roast, barbecued meat, deli meat, venison with polenta, lake and salt-water fish dishes (sardines, trout, eels, lake whitefishes, pikes, …).

The FESTA del TORTELLINO takes place in June..


watch this video to have an idea of the Mincio


A special.. Locanda… for a lunch stop …of “Tortellini tasting” And superb local wines!

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